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CJL (Wo)Manliness — CJL Hippie Night

November 29, 2006

Some of the fun things we do here at the CJL are more geared towards people of a certain gender.  While that can’t be said for this event as both sexes participated equally and to the fullest extent.  Just what was this activity you might ask.  Well, the answer is clearly … Knitting.

Caption: CJL President pouts as he knits in the air

While actual knitting is not actually shown in this picture, you can be sure that there was plenty to go around, and I’ll be talking about it over the next week. 


Jews Dancing on Ice — Part 5

November 27, 2006

As with every CJL Event, Ice Skating had a serious music track going in the backgound, and keeping everyone energized.  The music was actually an upgrade from last year’s bland mix, and was specially put together for this year’s event.  However, what good would just music be?  I mean, without some serious dancing, would the music be complete?

The people below obviously felt that they were adding spirit and excitement to the event … and they were.  However, what they were really adding was some great laughter.

CJL Freshman guys (Jews on Ice — Part 4)

November 21, 2006

The Center for Jewish Living is primarily a residence for upperclassmen (or non-freshmen).  The reason for this, is that here at Cornell, the freshmen typically all dorm together on North Campus.  We at the CJL feel that there are distinct advantages to living together with others going through the same things that you are going through, and therefore both encourage freshmen to live on North Campus while at the same time discouraging freshmen from living in the house.

That is not to say that the freshmen can’t be active in the house, nor does it mean that their social life is relegated to North Campus.

Caption: The freshmen guys (2006) at Ice Skating

In fact, this year, the freshmen guys are turning out in force!

Trepidation on the Ice (Jew on Ice — Part 3)

November 18, 2006

For many, ice skating is really a very freightening activity.  The risks of falling (on the hard ice), getting cut on one of those sharp skates, or just getting beaten up out there are really quite significant.  Nevertheless, the rewards of being let free on the ice, gliding, breezing, gracing and just skating all just feel great.

Rabbi Frank, is the CJL’s spiritual advisor (read Rabbi), and coming from Israel, where ice skating is relatively uncommon, he was a  little skeptical that ice skating could be fun.  Below are some pictures of the Rabbi’s first encounters with the ice

Caption: Rabbi frank tries to balence himself using the sideboards as a brace.

Caption: Rabbi Frank lets go of the wall for the first time

Caption: Rabbi Frank doing “serious skating”

Caption: “Eeek … how do I stop?”

Rabbi Frank (and his wife: Vered) after a liberating night of skating.

The CJL — Borat style

November 16, 2006

This past week, Borat was a major topic of conversation.  Borat, a movie produced by Sacha Baron Cohen, which details a Kazakhstani reporter as he gets aquatinted with American culture and the American way of life.  Suffice it to say, the movie is comedic.

The following is a story, that was submitted by the “Associated” Press detailing the state of affairs in the House, directly following the initial movie showings.

The CJL is Borat

AP – Last weekend saw the debut of the much-anticipated Borat movie in many college towns, including our very own Ithaca, New York. After seeing the movie, a certain sympathizer with house values, currently so frum that he finds himself in a Yeshiva in Passaic, decided to go on his very own quest to bag Pamela Anderson’s. When he began his journey he was accompanied by a certain Sun columnist who also sings for the Chai Notes. Five minutes after leaving, the Sun columnist forgot the purpose of the mission and promptly returned to his room. After walking for three days and almost making it up the hill, tired, downtrodden from not having made an off-colour joke in over 24 hours, and dearly missing his Gemara, the Passaic Yeshiva student decided to bag Darleen from North Star instead, citing, “She’s also a blonde shiksa.”

When asked to comment, our president said, “We are not responsible for the actions of this Jew, though I would have certainly advocated bagging a different blonde shiska goddess, Hillary Clinton.” When the former president heard the term “blonde shiksa goddess,” all he could blurt out as he broke into his dance was, “They’re great for practice.”

When the programmers were asked for their opinion, the law student said he deeply regrets that the quest to bag Pamela Andersons was not turned into a house event. The other programmer had too much work to comment.

When we tried to approach one of the Cheesed chairs, she ran a reporter down and said, “Gotcha.” The reporter currently blames his cameraman for leaving the scene as he was being chased down, citing, “The cameraman set me up.”

In a disturbing incident where certain petrified female members of the third floor were seen throwing money at a hamster crawling around in a ball on the third floor, the treasurer was found promptly picking up the dollar bills as they were thrown at the confused rodent. When the advertiser was asked to comment she said, “One of the treasurers has changed form.” The other treasurer kept singing, “M is for Money, and that’s good enough for Jews.”

When the house manager was approached to comment, it was found there is currently no house manager. He turned into a toaster oven.

Jews On Ice — Part 2

November 15, 2006

Last time I introduced Jews on Ice, a social event run by Sababah.  Anyhow, another really interesting moment that I captured on film, was one of the CJL Programmers lunging at me.

Caption: CJL Programmer’s (Ronn) near impact with me.

While I understand that Ice Skating is hard for some people, there is simply no excuse for … not having silly moments.

Jews On Ice — Part 1

November 12, 2006

At Cornell, the Jewish students are organized under Cornell Hillel.  Each segment of the Jewish community is recognized under their own member group, and the member groups together form the Jewish Student Union.  So, for example, there is a group for Jews of Middle Eastern descent (SMAC — Sepharadi & Mizrachi Association at Cornell), a Women’s group (Giborot) and a Jewish a cappella group (Chai Notes).  Jews on Ice was run by Sababah, the Jewish social programming group.  The contact person for the group is pictured below, dancing on skates. Oh … and he lives in the House!

Definitely a fun and successful event on his part, and I’ll be posting more interesting Ice Skating stories this week.

Election night politics

November 9, 2006

Last time I spoke about electioneering and how certain individuals were sending subliminal messages to others in order to influence their vote.  So did it work?  Well, it seems that although Faye meant well, Hillary (Clinton) still carried New York State with a landslide victory.  So after everyone voted, and everyone got his or her “I voted today” sticker, we had an Election Party hosted by CIPAC (Cornell Israel Public Affairs Committee).  We watched election results pour in from across the state, as well as some of the surrounding states.  Sarah Boxer (not in the picture … sorry) was captivated by the Senate race being held in Connecticut, her home state.  Others closely watched the Senate race in New Jersey, while others just chilled at an election that everyone knew who was going to win anyways.

Caption: Justin Weitz discusses the Senate race in Connecticut, in particular: Joe Lieberman.
NOTE: Text Reads: The CJL Big Screen TV

After all was said and done, we watched the real exit poll results on The Daily Show (with Dan Rather), for a more accurate perspective on what had happend and some entertaining lines concerning southern insults.

Subliminal Election Day Messages

November 8, 2006

Here in the US, today, the 7’th of November, was an Election day.  While both fun and exciting, there were a lot of communications distributed throughout the House urging people to vote one way or another.

Faye (of last blog post fame), a balloon animal designer extraordinaire, decided enclose her message in such a concoction.  The CJL-Ephant was born, promoting and furthering the ideas of the GOP and encouraging, people to vote that way.

The President ponders whether to hearken to the CJL-Ephant.
Text of the sign: The CJL-Ephant (The only one we’ll ever get) VOTE GOP!

Though, this being placed on the President’s door, probably didn’t sway the President much if at all … as, sadly, the CJL-Ephant is incapable of speaking.

Cleaning my hands of the Bathroom signs

November 6, 2006

So it seems that it was annoying a certain somebody, that a different certain somebody wasn’t properly washing his or her (notice the ambiguity — let’s at least try and make it a little bit of a mystery) hands.  Well, this certain somebody got got grossed out by this other certain somebody, and called a third certain somebody who arranged for signs to be put up in the second floor (also known as the secund flor bathrom) highlighting the importance of washing one’s hands after using the bathroom.

However, another certain somebody found these signs particularly annoying, and tore them down.  The third somebody dutifully (at the behest of the first somebody) replaced them, with re-enforced adhesive.  Because it seemed as though the signs would stay up, in order to seek retribution against those who the fourth somebody saw as responsible for these reprehensible signs, dutifully wrote graffiti on the signs.  Here is a picture of one:

The text on the sign reads:
“Looking for a good time?
  Call Jerusha’s whorehouse of Horror

With all of that said, I wash my hands of this entire saga of somebodies … in the bathroom.