Cleaning my hands of the Bathroom signs

So it seems that it was annoying a certain somebody, that a different certain somebody wasn’t properly washing his or her (notice the ambiguity — let’s at least try and make it a little bit of a mystery) hands.  Well, this certain somebody got got grossed out by this other certain somebody, and called a third certain somebody who arranged for signs to be put up in the second floor (also known as the secund flor bathrom) highlighting the importance of washing one’s hands after using the bathroom.

However, another certain somebody found these signs particularly annoying, and tore them down.  The third somebody dutifully (at the behest of the first somebody) replaced them, with re-enforced adhesive.  Because it seemed as though the signs would stay up, in order to seek retribution against those who the fourth somebody saw as responsible for these reprehensible signs, dutifully wrote graffiti on the signs.  Here is a picture of one:

The text on the sign reads:
“Looking for a good time?
  Call Jerusha’s whorehouse of Horror

With all of that said, I wash my hands of this entire saga of somebodies … in the bathroom.


One Response to “Cleaning my hands of the Bathroom signs”

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