Dancing in the KDH (aka 104 West!)

The Kosher Dining Hall, is situated right next to the CJL, and is directly attached to the CJL complex.  It was built about 20 years ago, and was recently taken over by Cornell Dining.

Whatever the historical case may be, there is obviously something interesting in the food, the drink or the air.  During dinner, the girls decided to put on a little performance.

NOTE (From left to right:) Elysia, Rachel, Meredith, Erica.

After being somewhat emotionally scarred for life, I snapped a picture of them doing the Macarena (with the song playing on their iPods in perfect synchronization).


One Response to “Dancing in the KDH (aka 104 West!)”

  1. ilan Says:

    This is a problem, as it may lead to retinal damage and/or mixed dancing.

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