Subliminal Election Day Messages

Here in the US, today, the 7’th of November, was an Election day.  While both fun and exciting, there were a lot of communications distributed throughout the House urging people to vote one way or another.

Faye (of last blog post fame), a balloon animal designer extraordinaire, decided enclose her message in such a concoction.  The CJL-Ephant was born, promoting and furthering the ideas of the GOP and encouraging, people to vote that way.

The President ponders whether to hearken to the CJL-Ephant.
Text of the sign: The CJL-Ephant (The only one we’ll ever get) VOTE GOP!

Though, this being placed on the President’s door, probably didn’t sway the President much if at all … as, sadly, the CJL-Ephant is incapable of speaking.


One Response to “Subliminal Election Day Messages”

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