Election night politics

Last time I spoke about electioneering and how certain individuals were sending subliminal messages to others in order to influence their vote.  So did it work?  Well, it seems that although Faye meant well, Hillary (Clinton) still carried New York State with a landslide victory.  So after everyone voted, and everyone got his or her “I voted today” sticker, we had an Election Party hosted by CIPAC (Cornell Israel Public Affairs Committee).  We watched election results pour in from across the state, as well as some of the surrounding states.  Sarah Boxer (not in the picture … sorry) was captivated by the Senate race being held in Connecticut, her home state.  Others closely watched the Senate race in New Jersey, while others just chilled at an election that everyone knew who was going to win anyways.

Caption: Justin Weitz discusses the Senate race in Connecticut, in particular: Joe Lieberman.
NOTE: Text Reads: The CJL Big Screen TV

After all was said and done, we watched the real exit poll results on The Daily Show (with Dan Rather), for a more accurate perspective on what had happend and some entertaining lines concerning southern insults.


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