Trepidation on the Ice (Jew on Ice — Part 3)

For many, ice skating is really a very freightening activity.  The risks of falling (on the hard ice), getting cut on one of those sharp skates, or just getting beaten up out there are really quite significant.  Nevertheless, the rewards of being let free on the ice, gliding, breezing, gracing and just skating all just feel great.

Rabbi Frank, is the CJL’s spiritual advisor (read Rabbi), and coming from Israel, where ice skating is relatively uncommon, he was a  little skeptical that ice skating could be fun.  Below are some pictures of the Rabbi’s first encounters with the ice

Caption: Rabbi frank tries to balence himself using the sideboards as a brace.

Caption: Rabbi Frank lets go of the wall for the first time

Caption: Rabbi Frank doing “serious skating”

Caption: “Eeek … how do I stop?”

Rabbi Frank (and his wife: Vered) after a liberating night of skating.


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