CJL House Elections … and knitting (again?)

As we recall from last post, CJL House politics, while usually brutal, was relatively subdued this year.  In fact, relaxing is a good thing, especially as finals begin tonight (good luck everyone).  Anyhow, getting back on topic, the “in” thing to do at this year’s election meeting was not voting, getting involved, angry screaming matches, hurling grenades or even supped up flame throwing war mongerers.  It was however … a continuation of another recent CJL program … knitting.

The 104 West! Mashgiach, knitting away.

Jared getting knitting assistance from Becky

Jessica (CJL Co-VP Chessed) models in her recently completed scarf.

The freshmen girls (Becky and Isabella)

A chill moment, where the girls sip coffee and knit.


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