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CJL Composite Night

January 31, 2007

One thing that we at the CJL do that is comparable to all of the various other house like living environments (read: frat houses) is a composite.  A composite is a list of people who were members of that house that year, and their photographs.  It signifies your involvement and the fact that you care about the orgranization.  With the CJL, there is an added significance of being on the composite, and that is caring about observant life at Cornell as the CJL is the cornerstone of that.  Not that much excitement was generated by the event, but there were a number of intense moments as each member tried to choose his or her photo.  The most memorable photo of the evening was when we photographed a fake tree at Mike Wine’s request.

Lauren selects her photo


Jessica and Adamhold up last year’s composite as they mull over the layout

Adina and Danny Sabba help Elysia make up her mind


Sledding the Slope

January 29, 2007

 This past Saturday night, after watching a movie that depicted the sad story of an individual that was unable to differentiate between the real world and his own dream world, we found it to be snowing.  It was perfect snow for a snowball fight, perfect packing snow.  While snow fights are fun, tradition at Cornell dictates that tray-ing (using a dining hall tray as a sled) down the slope is one of the mandatory activities that an undergraduate must perform while at Cornell.  While tray-ing didn’t really work for us (we tried snowboarding using a tray, but quickly lost our balance) we did have a number of sleds and we put them to good use.  The one thing about walking up the slope is that it looks deceivingly simple.

Note: I risked my life to get these pictures, I was almost run over by multiple sleds.

Faye and Naomi gearing up.

Faye get’s a snowball hurled at her on the slope (the instigator: Adam)

Don’t forget to top off a hard night of sledding with hot chocolate! (LTR: Faye, Naomi, Greg, Chad, Adam)

The New Noyes — Part 1

January 22, 2007

 After a very long spring break, members of the CJL community have been steadily trickling back over the past week.  We arrived to notice that West Campus was nearly completely overhauled.  Over the past semester, new dormitories have been erected, and older ones have been slated for demolition.  We focused on the once centerpiece of West Campus, Noyes.  While it is no longer there, a new building (also called Noyes), is now catering to the needs of West Campus students, including  convenience shopping, and gymnasium and basketball courts.

In order to promote the new center, there was a promotion giving out Cornell Wear and other types of sports memorabilia.  The catch however was that you had to participate in a number of relatively childish activities such as hoola hooping, shooting hoops, and potato sack races.  Of particular note was the “Hopitie Hop”, which is a round rubber ball that one sits on, with a handle on top.  While straddling the handle, the idea is to “hop” your way around the cones and make it back to where you started before your opponent.  While this description may not sound that funny, seeing is believing, below are a number of photos taken of CJL members playing the “Hopitie Hop”.

Greg Starr Vs. Dan Kohn doing the “Hopitie Hop”