Birthday of the 21st

 Today was my former roommate’s 21st birthday.  As is customary in the CJL, we all went out to the local supermarket (Wegmans) to get ice cream cakes for a midnight birthday ice cream party.  Aside from those festivities which accompany nearly every CJL birthday, a 21st birthday requires something a bit more special.  To that end a number of us went out with him to The Chapter House, which is a local bar.  It’s relatively upscale, and it was generally a good atmousphere.  Joining us were a few members of the 104 West! kitchen staff, which awarded Stuart the “Dining Hall Jew of the Month Award”.  After a shot or two, a few drinks and a number of games of pool, we called it a night.  To round out the evening, the rabbi joined us.

Note (Courtesey of Nosson): When seeing naked frat boys run around the block as part of a hazing ceremony, not only remember to take pictures, but thank HaShem that you were born Jewish (she’lo asa’ni goy).

Stu cuts the cake

The celebration … CJL style!
Back Row (LTR): Adina, Asher, Michael, Ronn, Dan, Etan, Adam
Front Row: Lily, Greg, Tamar, Stu, Faye, Elysia

Lily instructs Stu in the art of pool

Birthday at the Bar
(LTR): Stu, Michael, Etan, (Rabbi) Chilik, Nosson


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