Black Sock Night

In the aftermath of a heated CJL board meeting we all went into the house to just hang out, catch our breaths, and relax before another wonderful day.  In addition, over the past few days we’ve been having Internet trouble … not the kind of thing you want on a collage campus (or in a student dormitory) where Internet is the life blood of the modern collage student.  Jared, one of the CJL House Managers has been fiddling with our network set up for the past week and it still seems flaky.

Anyhow, one of the best ways to cool down is to hang dark socks, that have been ruined due to bleach exposure, on door knobs.  Why does this let out aggression?  Hmmm…

Jared futzes with the network.  He had earlier taken out his frustration by hanging the dark sock on the door knob.

Dark socks pervade the second floor hallway.


One Response to “Black Sock Night”

  1. KB Says:

    back in my day…we played wiffleball in the first floor hallway…that was only improved upon by the game of indoor tackle football….

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