Iron Chef Cornell — Part 2

Last night I wrote about one of the CJL teams to take part in Iron Chef Cornell.  I should mention that the event was put together my Meredith (post), who has been planning this even for over a year.  Tonight I’ll mention the other CJL team, which while it didn’t contain any CJL residents, was made up of CJL members.  Since last night’s team was all guys … kind of weird for a cookoff … this other team, in true fashion, had three girls that actually knew how to cook.

The secret ingredient in their battle was, what other kosher food than matzoh.  They produced a wonderfully delicious matzoh brei.  While most of the team wanted to be recognized for their accomplishments, one particular member of the team wished to remain nameless … with a bag over her head.

For those unfamiliar with girls … they giggle .. a lot

Are there ever enough spices? Not in “Persia” 

Anonymous eh? 

Do you sense resentment from the guy’s team?

The mystery judge (Rina) 


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