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Snow Day @ Cornell — Part 2

February 27, 2007

Most of the CJL took the snow day very lightly, watching lots of television, and just hanging out.  That night we decided that we’d brave the cold and try our luck at knee-high-snow-tackle-football.  There is a Cornell parking lot right next to the CJL which had yet to be plowed, giving us a field of flat, pristine snow.

Note: It was VERY cold outside!

Serious TV watching (Elysia and Greg)

Etan prepares for the cold weather

Adam gets ready to “hike” the ball 


Snow Day @ Cornell — Part 1

February 23, 2007

To us on the East Coast, especially those of us from the New York area, Cornell is certainly known to be colder and get more snow than New York City.  Certainly that was true this semester as Cornell had a school closing due to the snow for the first time in over 10 years.  That mean … SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!

Classes were canceled after noon, but the dining facilities remained open.  The CJL was scheduled to have a “Wii” tournament during dinner that night, but it didn’t really happen as the snow was just coming down too hard.

What do CJL residents do with a day off from studying and school?  Party and hang out on the second floor.  Here is a brief overview of what went down.

Etan plays with a yo-yo from the engineering career fair (hence the suit), that ended early due to the snow, while the others look at Greg um, yeah.

The CJL has a sign … and there’s snow 

There is a car under there, but the snow seems to have covered it (more on this tomorrow). 


Would a CJL hangout be complete without a kumbaya kumzitz (courtesy of Dan)