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First Day — Introduction

November 2, 2006

So, for the first day, I figured I have to tell you what this blog is all about.  Well, the Center for Jewish living is a student run residence house, cared for and run by observant Cornell Jewish students.  This blog will hopefully become a catalogue to the wonderful happenings and goings on here, at what we like to call: “the house”.

Course Enroll

As is traditional, the twice yearly ritual of waking up early for a 6:30 AM course signup for next semester, takes place tomorrow for those of use who are juniors.  Why is it that the everyone at Cornell, no matter if their classes are liable to become full, or whether their classes will never fill up, feel the need to wake up so early?  Why is it that we feel a need to listen to what the culture around us dictates?  Do we wake up early just because of the tradition?  Has it been conditioned into us?

Well, it looks like many residents will delight in this ritual … and I might just be one of them … one of the crowd.