Sledding the Slope

January 29, 2007

 This past Saturday night, after watching a movie that depicted the sad story of an individual that was unable to differentiate between the real world and his own dream world, we found it to be snowing.  It was perfect snow for a snowball fight, perfect packing snow.  While snow fights are fun, tradition at Cornell dictates that tray-ing (using a dining hall tray as a sled) down the slope is one of the mandatory activities that an undergraduate must perform while at Cornell.  While tray-ing didn’t really work for us (we tried snowboarding using a tray, but quickly lost our balance) we did have a number of sleds and we put them to good use.  The one thing about walking up the slope is that it looks deceivingly simple.

Note: I risked my life to get these pictures, I was almost run over by multiple sleds.

Faye and Naomi gearing up.

Faye get’s a snowball hurled at her on the slope (the instigator: Adam)

Don’t forget to top off a hard night of sledding with hot chocolate! (LTR: Faye, Naomi, Greg, Chad, Adam)


The New Noyes — Part 1

January 22, 2007

 After a very long spring break, members of the CJL community have been steadily trickling back over the past week.  We arrived to notice that West Campus was nearly completely overhauled.  Over the past semester, new dormitories have been erected, and older ones have been slated for demolition.  We focused on the once centerpiece of West Campus, Noyes.  While it is no longer there, a new building (also called Noyes), is now catering to the needs of West Campus students, including  convenience shopping, and gymnasium and basketball courts.

In order to promote the new center, there was a promotion giving out Cornell Wear and other types of sports memorabilia.  The catch however was that you had to participate in a number of relatively childish activities such as hoola hooping, shooting hoops, and potato sack races.  Of particular note was the “Hopitie Hop”, which is a round rubber ball that one sits on, with a handle on top.  While straddling the handle, the idea is to “hop” your way around the cones and make it back to where you started before your opponent.  While this description may not sound that funny, seeing is believing, below are a number of photos taken of CJL members playing the “Hopitie Hop”.

Greg Starr Vs. Dan Kohn doing the “Hopitie Hop”

Elie and the Library (well almost)

December 13, 2006

So last night (12/11) Elie, also known as “Former President Gold” to those who know him best, took over the CJL library for a very special activity.  While I’d love to blog about a powwow or a séance, I’m going to have to make do with a public display of affection between members of the opposite gender.  As is classic in these kind of encounters, or meetings, the setting and mood are critical.

Setting the Mood:

The mood was to be “pirates”, just pirates!  In fact, in our CJL program: Disney Thursdays — Now on Saturday Nights’, we watched Sinbad (which isn’t even a Disney movie) in honor of Elie’s graduation and the fact that he won’t be with us next semester.  Getting back to the mood, the lights were turned out, a fire was set in the fireplace for the first time in years, candles were lit, incense was burning and the movie was playing.  As the centerpiece for the mood … the twin bed was prepared and ready for it all.

The peanut gallery in the room before hand (notice the fire)

The mood (notice the CJL champagne glasses 🙂

Jared unscrews a lightbulb to enhance the scary and private atmosphere.

The bed (enough said)

The lead in … the precursor to the event.

Note: The entire CJL community congratulates Elie on his graduation and hopes that he has a wonderful Yeshiva experience next semester in Efrat.

Finals Week — Part 1

December 11, 2006

These two weeks are probably the two most stressful weeks for Cornell students during the semester.  Filled with work, study, papers, exams and most importantly: finals!  At Cornell, there exists a pair of weeks for finals.  The first 4 days (Sunday through Wednesday) are study “week” and the remaining days are finals excluding Sunday (language finals are on Saturday).  While everyone is going crazy, I felt obliged to share a picture that I feel best represents the anguish, despair and all around tenseness of the situation.


Faye rests her head against the stair case leading to the third floor as she pours over bio-chemistry.

CJL House Elections … and knitting (again?)

December 8, 2006

As we recall from last post, CJL House politics, while usually brutal, was relatively subdued this year.  In fact, relaxing is a good thing, especially as finals begin tonight (good luck everyone).  Anyhow, getting back on topic, the “in” thing to do at this year’s election meeting was not voting, getting involved, angry screaming matches, hurling grenades or even supped up flame throwing war mongerers.  It was however … a continuation of another recent CJL program … knitting.

The 104 West! Mashgiach, knitting away.

Jared getting knitting assistance from Becky

Jessica (CJL Co-VP Chessed) models in her recently completed scarf.

The freshmen girls (Becky and Isabella)

A chill moment, where the girls sip coffee and knit.

CJL House Election Politics

December 6, 2006

Unlike in years past, where there has been significant fighting, bickering and even all out wars over CJL Politics, this year’s elections were relatively subdued.  In fact, everyone is on speaking terms and everyone remained friends throughout the whole procedure.  It was really a true display of Achdus (unity) at the CJL, truly something special.

Nevertheless, there always exists slight differences of opinion.  Here are two photos showing those representing those very slight differing viewpoints:


In all it was a very productive elections.  Here is s photo of the two candidates in the only contested election after the results were announced:

Caption: Greg and Stuart (the only two candidates running in a contested election) are still friends after the results are read.

Everyone’s just one big happy family!!!

CJL (Wo)Manliness — CJL Hippie Night (Part 3)

December 5, 2006

This past Friday was the last day of classes, and generally meant that all final projects were due at the end of last week, and consequently led to a drop off in the number of blog posts.  Anyhow, this is the last post about CJL Knitting Night.

While in the past two posts I insinuated that only guys were there, there was definitely a sizeable number (better yet, a majority of) girls.  Here are a few of the fun moments from that event.

Caption: Dan … scared by a little knitting

Caption: Girls knit also (LTR: Ariella, Isabella, Adina)

Though not evident from the photograph, Isabella is actually unbelievable at crocheting.  While none of us even came close to completing our scarves, she finished a very well made scarf.

Caption: Scarves for everyone! 

CJL (Wo)Manliness — CJL Hippie Night (Part 2)

December 1, 2006

In a follow up to last post, the CJL President decided that he knew how to unroll the yarn and make it into the classic spherical shaped entity … classically known as a yarn ball (he’s sort of a cat).  Anyhow, he got to singing and well, you know it couldn’t have ended well.

Caption: CJL President Sings while unrolling the yarn.

Events like this are wonderful, in that they bring out the real creative genius of the individual.

CJL (Wo)Manliness — CJL Hippie Night

November 29, 2006

Some of the fun things we do here at the CJL are more geared towards people of a certain gender.  While that can’t be said for this event as both sexes participated equally and to the fullest extent.  Just what was this activity you might ask.  Well, the answer is clearly … Knitting.

Caption: CJL President pouts as he knits in the air

While actual knitting is not actually shown in this picture, you can be sure that there was plenty to go around, and I’ll be talking about it over the next week. 

Jews Dancing on Ice — Part 5

November 27, 2006

As with every CJL Event, Ice Skating had a serious music track going in the backgound, and keeping everyone energized.  The music was actually an upgrade from last year’s bland mix, and was specially put together for this year’s event.  However, what good would just music be?  I mean, without some serious dancing, would the music be complete?

The people below obviously felt that they were adding spirit and excitement to the event … and they were.  However, what they were really adding was some great laughter.